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Register for After School Activities 2014-2015 - posted: August 19, 2014

Welcome to After School Programming at TPS!

Please click here to access the brochure and registration information.

Congratulations to the Class of 2014! - posted: June 05, 2014

Thank you, Glenn Holsten, for making this beautiful film in tribute to the Class of 2014 – our newest alumni!

1000 Sandwiches - posted: June 04, 2014

Since early fall, Junior Unit students have made nearly 1,000 sandwiches for the residents of My Brother's House, a men's shelter at 15th & Kater Streets. With the support of The Philadelphia Pretzel Company, students held seven pretzel sales to raise funds to purchase some of the ingredients. South Square Market has underwritten much of the cost.

Each week, students made 40 sandwiches, requiring 4 pounds of turkey and 3 pounds of cheese. Families donated the bread, and students volunteered their snack time to make and bag the sandwiches.

Penn Relay Champs! - posted: April 27, 2014

Both our boys team and girls team won their relays at the Penn Relays on Friday, April 25! Congratulations!

Grandparents and "Great Friends" Day - posted: May 12, 2014

This year TPSA, our parent organization, reinvented Grandparents and "Great Friends" Day – and it was a huge success. Previously geared only toward sharing the TPS experience with guests visiting children in grades K-2, today's event was for visitors in kindergarten, third grade, and sixth grade.

Thank you to our parent organizers and volunteers for working so hard and thoughtfully on this truly meaningful event. Judging from just the photos alone, everyone had a wonderful day!

More photos are posted on the school blog.

Monthly Constitutionals - posted: May 19, 2014

The eighth grade completed its year-long study of the Constitution, Each month, in conjunction with the topics being examined, a guest speaker presented a “Monthly Constitutional.” Since the program began in September 2012, guest speakers have included civic leaders, scholars, attorneys, and civil rights activists. Please continue to see his year’s roster of guest speakers.

Graduation Season Kick-off - posted: May 13, 2014

This morning the Class of 2014 enjoyed a pancake breakfast with their parents and teachers. The pancakes, made by Associate Head Matt Eskin and Technology Director Jeffrey Mordan, were delicious.

Attendees enjoyed a slideshow of photographs going back to the students' earliest days at TPS.

8th Grade Lobbies DC for Knowledge! - posted: April 27, 2014

The eighth grade had a terrific trip to Washington on April 24! The weather was spectacular and showed Washington off to advantage. At the Newseum, students visited a three major exhibits focused on the Berlin Wall, 9/11, and the changing work of the FBI. Afterwards they visited Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey’s office and spoke to staffers who work on both domestic and foreign policy teams. Our third stop was the White House Conference Center to meet with White House and other administration staffers to learn about their work and their stories. What an impressive group of young, smart, engaged people! Michael Block '95, who organized and facilitated this gathering for us, was certainly a powerful example of all we hope for in a TPS graduate! Students shared their Bill of Rights research and recommendations for next steps with their "august" hosts!

Click on the Logo Below to Learn About City Country Camps - posted: April 10, 2014

Experiencing the Past - posted: April 18, 2014

Third graders traveled to the Baltimore Museum of Industry yesterday, where they "worked" in a cannery or on an automobile assembly line and visited a late 19th/early 20th century pharmacy, print shop, oyster cannery, and garment shop. The museum collects and interprets the industrial heritage of the Baltimore region.

Special Guests - posted: April 10, 2014

Seven ESL students – from Sudan, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Colombia – and their instructors from the Nationalities Services Center met with our third graders today. It was a wonderful gathering, with our students asking lots of questions about our guests' immigrant experiences and the ESL students practicing their English as they spoke about their personal journeys from their homelands to Philadelphia.

Meet the tpsBlog! - posted: February 11, 2014

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