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Lombard Renovation

Starting in late May, The Philadelphia School will begin the next phase of its renovations to its Lombard building. TPS will be renovating the west side of our lower level.  These renovations will create a new STEAM Collaborative space, or “Collaboratory,” that will integrate art, science, robotics, and technology & engineering, creating a modern and dynamic environment for students to learn and create together.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Construction Timeline

June: Demolition and delivery of materials.

July: Interior upgrades and renovations (electrical, plumbing, etc), with some deliveries as needed for smaller orders. Concrete poured 7/8 and 7/10.

August: Finishes and final touches (painting, flooring, lighting), with minimal disruption to the neighborhood.

Science Lab

We are creating a dedicated science lab that will primarily be used by middle school students next year. In the future, students of all ages will be welcomed into the Collaboratory to conduct "crazy science" experiments, to build structures brick by brick, and utilize new tools to develop into invention-literate, solutions-oriented, problem solvers.

Robotics Lab

In the new Robotics Lab, next year's class of seventh graders will hope to build off their predecessors' success and compete again at the FIRST Lego League Challenge Pennsylvania State Championships for a chance at Worlds. With the addition of new makerspace equipment, the list of possibilities for their innovation project deliverables can only grow.

Technology and Engineering Lab

STEAM class will transform into "T&E" or "Technology & Engineering" with the opening of the new Technology and Engineering Lab in the fall. The fabrication lab will expand to include equipment beyond Prusa and BambuLab 3D printers as we'll be adding an AnyCubic resin printer and a xTool laser engraver and vinyl cutter.

Lower Level Art Studio

A new art studio will be created as part of the STEAM Collaboratory, allowing for integration with science, technology, engineering, robotics, mathematics and music. Highlights of the space include new windows allowing for more natural light, sound dampening ceiling panels to allow for better concentration for students. There is also more shelving and storage for art supplies, and the ability to add a kiln in the future.