TPS Pop-Up Camp @ Smith Playground

Backyard Bugs Pop-up Camp is a partnership program between The Philadelphia School and  Smith Playground.  It's our first TPS pop-up camp experience!

The Philadelphia School and Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse are proud to present Backyard Bugs, a free program for 3- to 5-year-olds! Games, art projects, and other activities will teach campers how bugs live, move, and eat.  Children will explore Smith Playground in search of  beetles, butterflies, spiders, and more!

The pop-up camp was the brainchild of Frances Hoover, TPS Director of Institutional Advancement. Kim Carter, our Director of Auxiliary Programming, did all of the heavy lifting related to getting the camp up and running, and TPS gardener Bri Barton planned the program and activities.

Here's a link to the promo on the Smith Playground website. All sessions are already full and have wait lists!  We're very excited about this new venture and look forward to the first session of camp on July 18.

Graduation 2018: The Video

Produced by Thomas Flanagan and his student video production team. 

Sneak Peek

Renovation of the Lombard Street second floor has begun! Can't wait to see the fully renovated classrooms for third to fifth grades!

Below: The week after graduation

Below: June 25

Roman "Holiday"

This summer, we are holding our first international Sustainability Institute. Fourteen  14 TPS alums traveled to Rome, where they are immersing themselves in Roman culture from the ancient world to the present day.

Rome is a palimpsest — a city of layers that has built on top of itself for millennia. A curved street marks the outline of an imperial theater. Temples become churches. Ancient sanctuaries underpin modern buildings. In true TPS fashion, we are learning about the rich history and modern vibrancy of Rome through in-depth, inquiry-led exploration.

To gain the full Roman experience, we are staying in apartments in the Sallustiano neighborhood — and since the dinner table is at the center of Roman life, we are learning how to cook local dishes. TPS teachers Ashley Opalka, Jake Hunter, and Tiziana Acerbo are leading the trip, and Joel Fath (Ashley's husband) is taking the lead on the cooking. We are partnering with Context Travel for three behind-the-scenes tours: Ostia Antica, the Vatican Museums, and Underground Rome. 

DEI Working Group

Throughout the year, a group of faculty and staff members joined together to form the
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Curriculum Working Group.

Purpose Statement: Following the recommendations of both the PAIS Accreditation Committee, the Strategic Plan, and the Diversity and Inclusion Teaching Standards, the DEI Curriculum Working Group of the Faculty Diversity Committee has been working to conceive a DEI Curriculum Map.

The DEI Working Group made a few guiding decisions that will frame the shared work moving forward. A DEI Curriculum Map will provide clarity on the skill set needed for students to navigate a diverse world as healthy, responsible, and socially just citizens. It will serve as a resource to support teachers to plan and reflect on their instruction and incorporate themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion into content area maps.

The working group has been inspired by the rich work that we know already occurs in TPS classrooms everyday; continued work will draw in the DEI standards documented by Teaching Tolerance.

Our goal is to be thought leaders in the world of DEI education and to patiently hold ourselves to the very highest standards. We hope this process will help us answer questions about when to expect certain topics to come up, how to engage in difficult and important conversations, and how to insure that DEI is thoughtfully implemented throughout a child's experience at TPS.