Walkout Reflections

Our middle schoolers organized a walkout this morning as part of the National School Walkout. Students silently left their classes, lay down on 25th Street between Lombard and Waverly, and reflected on the lives lost to school violence. 

We are so proud of our students. They are not only the hope for the future - but the hope for today, tomorrow, and the next day.

The student organizers would like to give special thanks to Pure Design at 22nd and Lombard Streets for donating the 17 flowers to commemorate the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

Mindfulness & Professional Development

Several of our teachers are working with Jenny Mills, M.Ed. this week to learn how to weave mindfulness practices into the classroom. The founder of Roots & Wings, Jenny seeks to make mindfulness accessible to teachers, youth, and families.  

The following sessions are being offered: 

  • Mindfulness-Based Strategies to Promote Attention and Self-Regulation
  • Managing Difficult Behaviors With Mindful Awareness
  • Navigating Anxiety, Perfectionism, and Intrusive Thoughts
  • Embodied Teaching: Modeling Mindfulness Within and Beyond the Classroom

Jenny received a master's degree in Special Education and a bachelor's degree in psychology from Rutgers University. She has practiced meditation since 2005; she has received extensive training in mindfulness and currently partners with Drs. Elizabeth Mackenzie and Suzanne Fegley of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania to study the effects of the Roots & Wings Everyday Mindfulness for Schools teacher training. She also co-teaches with the Penn Program for Mindfulness and the Penn Literacy Network.

March 14: Middle School Walkout

Dear Families,

I am Maya, a 7th grade student and a member of the Student Council. TPS has received many questions from parents and students about what we are going to do to show our solidarity with the victims of the Parkland school shooting. 

I am spearheading the TPS middle school’s participation in the 17-minute nationwide school walkout on March 14 from 10:00 to 10:17am. The 17 minutes symbolize the 17 students and teachers who were killed. The walkout serves several purposes: memorial, support of student activism, insistence that policymakers listen to student voices, and support of common-sense gun laws, including the banning of assault weapons.

Before the middle school walkout, a team of middle school student volunteers will do teach-ins in each middle school class. The teach-ins are so students have a chance to understand and discuss the issues before the walkout. We think this is very important because often times people make decisions based on the ones people around them are making. All of the middle students should be educated and able to make their own decisions on what they think the right thing to do is. Of course, the walkout is completely optional.  

The details of where we will be during the walkout have not been decided yet but will be soon. We think it is best for all of the students who walk out to be together during this time. We think it will be very powerful to all be together commemorating the lives of those who died in the Parkland shooting and advocating for more attention to student voices about all issues as well as gun regulations. 

While my schoolmate 6th grader Lila and I are focusing on middle school students, Division Directors Yves Kabore and Erin Gordon are discussing how younger students might participate. Please stay tuned for news about that.

Although this is a student initiative, we are in conversation with teachers and administrators to keep them informed about our plans and to get their advice. I am sure you will hear from them with more details.


Tigers Take on the State

The TPS Tiger Chess Team participated in the state championship in historic Gettysburg on March 3-4 in FIVE divisions! They did great! We came in 1st place in two divisions!  Huge thanks to coach Ross Colby and the "Tiger parents"!

K6 U500  –  1st Place Trophy!

  • Nathaniel Keller 3rd place
  • Finn McGarvey 10th place
  • Michaela Orenstein
  • Aarav Hosanagar 
  • Max Greenbaum 
  • Arielle Biron

K3 Open  – 2nd Place Trophy!

  • Niels Greineder 1st place 1st Grade
  • Maxfield Soloby 1st place unrated
  • Deegan Campbell 
  • Alina Yu 2nd place Unrated
  • Jack Abend 1st U500
  • Jones Gillman 1st U600

K8 Open - 4th Place Trophy!

  • Evan Liddy
  • Grayson Wade
  • Kobrin Goloveyko 
  • Tony Regli

K6 Open – 4th Place Trophy!

  • George Davis-Diver
  • Max Greineder 
  • Ben Russo
  • Manav Jha

K9 Under 1100 – 1st Place Trophy!

  • Evan Liddy Co-Champion
  • Scotty Jordan 6th place
  • Tony Regli 1st place U600
  • Kobrin Goloveyko
  • Reed McKnight
  • Coleman Wampler

Mini-Course Time Is Here

Middle School Mini-Courses began on Monday, March 12. For five days the regular curriculum is put aside, and students take a variety of new courses taught by classmates, faculty, and guest teachers (including Caroline Simon, one of the founders of TPS).

Here are some of the courses offered: Dissection, Needlepoint, Yoga, Broadway Basics, Pixelated: From Seurat to Digital Art, Codes and Ciphers, Minecraft, Top Chef, Healthy Snacks, Intro to Italian, Henna, Ping Pong, Modular Origami Basics, Yearbook, Card Games, Problems with Democracy, Thai Cooking, Salsa Dancing, Magic: The Gathering, Pencil-and-Paper Math Games, Slacklining, "Mystery Science Theatre 3000," Filmmaking, How to Succeed in Business, Vegetarian Life-Style, British Comedy, Code Monkeys & Makey Makeys, Dungeons and Dragons, Magical Remedies, Digital Design in Photoshop, Electronic Music Composition, Soccer Skills and Games, Musical Improvisation, Mindfulness, Macramé, Woodworking, Film Noir, and George Orwell’s 1984.

Can you guess which classes are student taught?

7th Grade Rock Bands Rock

The 7th grade tradition continues – even though this year's performance date moved from fall to winter and  the science curriculum focused on the anatomical and not the geological.  

There were two rock bands this year! With the energetic support of music teachers Aaron Picht and Donna Bostock,  our 7th graders presented their own versions of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Gone, Gone, Gone," with witty revised lyrics and stirring musical performances.

There were two performances of each band - one for parents and our youngest students and the other for grade 1-8 classes.