Book Buddies

Book buddies are a cherished tradition at TPS. It's always heartwarming to see the confidence and pride of our third graders as they read aloud to their admiring and appreciative kindergarten book buddies.

Family Diversity Committee Fall Playdate


The Family Diversity Committee is hosting its first playdate of the year and gives our school community a chance for students, parents, and families to gather together sometimes with people they might not ordinarily play or talk with. 

Sunday October 22


TPS Garden/Garage

As part of our commitment to diversity, we host these playdates in order to create a space where we can demonstrate to our children what consciously and intentionally diverse groups look like.

Please join us as our kids create fall crafts together and have fun in our wonderful school garden and play area.  Adults take time to discuss what FDC is and does, as well as get an update on the Board Diversity Committee (BDC) work and the school’s continuing commitment to diversity. Our discussions can include how to explain diversity to our children who experience more diversity in their daily lives than most of the country.  Our FDC playdate offers food and beverages too!  The weather is to be great so please come join us if you and your family are able.   

Our next FDC coordinating meeting is scheduled for Friday October 20 at 8:30am in the Makers Space in the Garage.  Check our school calendar for regular FDC meeting dates or watch for FDC announcements in weekly Progressive EDGE.  Thanks for your interest and involvement!  See you soon.

Jeannie Wong, Martin Wiley & Bob Prischak (FDC Co-chairs) 

Traffic Calming on Lombard Street

The Philadelphia School supports efforts to calm traffic in the neighborhood in general and the placement of a stop sign at Taney and Lombard streets in particular.

Our school's top priority is ensuring the safety of children. We believe that the city, while to be applauded for responding to the dangerous situation at Taney and Lombard and making it safer, has at the same time unfortunately made the intersection at 25th and Lombard more hazardous by changing the traffic signal to a stop sign. The intersection at 25th and Lombard is extremely dangerous without traffic lights, particularly during morning rush hour when our students arrive at school and during our afternoon dismissal.

The school is in conversations with the Streets Department and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson's office, as well as with nearby neighbors, to ask for a traffic-calming remedy for Lombard Street that allows for restoration of operational traffic lights at 25th.

Tech Lunches

How do teachers keep up with the latest ideas about technology practice?

They go to lunch. 

The Technology Department is offering faculty and staff a new slate of Tech Lunches, monthly 30-minute conversations about a tech-centric topic, relevant to either teacher daily use or future student use of technology.

Last year's topics covered ways to organize Gmail inbox, methods to structure Drive folders, ideas to implement iPads in a classroom, and places to find cool Google tools for students.

This year we are starting our Tech Lunches line up with our favorite interrogative adverb - why. Why use technology in a classroom? Why spend time to learn more about technology? Why take risks to try something innovative?

Teachers bring their lunches but our tekkies provide dessert.

Coqui & Piraguas

The preschool Spanish classes have been learning about the culture of Puerto Rico. They became enchanted with “coqui,” the little frogs of Puerto Rico. We enjoyed seeing a Youtube video of these dime-sized frogs, and we listened to a wonderful story, There’s a Coqui in My Shoe by Marisa de Jesus Paolicelli. In the book a little boy named Armando and his mother sell Piraguas (snow cones) in their neighborhood. After hearing the story, our children harvested our garden's Concord grapes to make a simple syrup to flavor our own Piraguas. During this unit of study we sent our safe and well thoughts to the families in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.


One of this fall's exciting middle school Intensives is Sherlock, a collaboration with the Philadelphia Museum of Art that involves visits to the museum to engage in activities focused on skill building using artwork. The intensive will culminate in a hands-on project here at school.

We were so fortunate that The Philadelphia School was chosen by the museum to pilot this program for middle schoolers throughout the region.  The goal is to enhance powers of observation, investigation, exploration of viewpoints, empathy, and creativity!