The Philadelphia School is an extraordinary place! Why?

Over the Winter Break, a colleague asked me to reflect on the first four months of the 2013-2014 school year at TPS and share a highlight or two. The question was easy, but the answer was complex. How could I possibly select just one highlight as the first four months of this school year have been full of many magical moments.

  • The school wide theme, "Mad Science" was energetically introduced at Encuentro in early September and the entire community has enthusiastically embraced all aspects of science throughout the year. We have learned about the art of bubble blowing, made an inaugural visit to the Maker Faire in Queens,  and our interest in "making things" has grown exponentially as evidence by the Blylock trebuchet. Together, we have explored the scientific method and have learned that science is everywhere, "experimentation can take us beyond the traditional disciplines of biology, physics, and chemistry...crazy ideas can change the world!"
  • In October, we opened our new "Garage" space and hosted our Halloween celebration. The Student Council led us in a costume presentation and a festive morning of delight!
  • In November, we gathered together for the annual All-School Thanksgiving Feast replete with student made lasagna, cornbread and butter, and brownies. All 450 students, faculty, staff and special guests, sat together in family groups to enjoy this bountiful feast. In addition, our sixth grade environmentalists planted trees on both sides of 25th Street between South and Naudain Streets.
  • December was a whirlwind with Recitals, Learning Celebrations and Winter festivities. 

Other highlights include time spent in the classroom with read alouds, Leadership lunches with the fifth grade girls,recess at Markwood Park and four square in the play yard, my first Philly cheesesteak with third graders, conversations with the Student Council, joining the Eighth Grade Constitutionals and gathering with the TPS Historians. 

Now you know why selecting a highlight or two was a challenge for me. Each day at TPS I delight in the program, the faculty and the students. It has been a wonderful 2013. As we welcome 2014, I look forward to sharing the many activities, programs and partnerships that abound at TPS.