Our Third Grade Environmentalists Address "People Pollution"!

What is a watershed?  Why should I care? As part of its study of water, the third grade recently considered these questions and investigated the source of our drinking water, sources of water pollution (what pollutants water may encounter as it moves through the watershed), how to prevent “people pollution,” and how students can connect with best management practices for conserving, restoring, and protecting watersheds.

One activity during the study was an Academic Choice in which students could choose from among the following:

- Write a letter to Justine to persuade her that we need to add more green spaces at TPS.

- Create a symbol for conserving (saving or using less) water. 

- Create a symbol for not polluting and/or the effects of polluting.


- Make a poster about some things you and your family can do to be a Pollution Preventer or Runoff Roadblocker.