Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball 2013-2014 Update

We have eleven eighth graders playing basketball at TPS this year, nine of whom have played for three consecutive years. The girls’ team has six; Myra Granato, Madison Harris, Rei Marshall, Marcela Rolon-Dow, Ava Forman, and Tyshae Fraizer. The boys’ team has five; Isaiah Richie, Jarod Ferguson, Pietro Berghella, Malcolm Hunt, and Raphael Jones. 

At this point of the season:

  • The Girls’ A team is 6-1
  • The Girls' B team is 4-2
  • The Boys’ A team is 6-0
  • The Boy's B team is 1-3. 

We have three new coaches in the basketball program this year. First year physical education teacher Akemi Moriuchi is our head girls’ coach along with Cara Banta, sixth grade team teacher, as the assistant. Our boys’ new head coach is Howard Ratinoff, a retired Philadelphia school teacher and coach who coached at Edison high school for 24 years. I am again the boys’ assistant coach. 

We have worked very hard on the basics of basketball since the first day of practice in November. Motivated players and good coaches are a great combination and I feel very luck to be a member of our basketball staff.