What’s Happening in the Preschool Fish Tank?

Clearly the teachers were not paying enough attention to “fish behavior” because the children came to us very upset that one of our fish (now known at “Bitey”) was chasing the other fish and snapping at their tails.  We went to the pet store and bought a fish “nursery” (usually used for baby fish), and we put Bitey on a long time-out.  Hoping that he had learned his lesson, we released him into the larger tank and were so disappointed to see that the minute we released him, he went right back to his bad behavior.  Two of our boys and Pam spent an entire quiet time observing the fish and here’s what they discovered – Bitey only chases the other fish when people are nearby.  The children theorized that it might have something to do with the anticipation of food.  An example of the scientific method in action!