All-School Weekly Note

Celebrating October Birthdays: Children and staff who have October birth dates will be celebrating on Friday, October 31, at the October Birthday Breakfast in the Multipurpose Room from 8 to 8:30am.

Choose Your Event! The Student Council is planning two events for children in grades 1-8 the morning of October 31. Students may choose between fun Halloween celebrations or fun cosmos-related activities. Here is link to the email families were sent to families last week; it is important for our Student Council planners to know how many children will be participating in the Alternate Cosmos activity. 

Conference Days: School is closed on Monday and Tuesday, November 3 and 4. Click here to learn about and register for Special ASEP programs.

Have You Scheduled Your Specialist Conferences? If you would like to meet with your child's specialist teachers on conference days (November 3 and 4), click here to sign up.

Lice Checks at Home: Our policy is to inform parents whenever a case of head lice has been diagnosed in a classroom. The goal is to make sure everyone does a thorough check (which takes up to 10-15 minutes). Otherwise, we will not be able to keep the critters at bay, and those few children who have been diagnosed and treated will be returning to a classroom of friends who may not have been checked at home and may have lice. We ask parents to please check for head lice on a regular basis - even if a case has not been reported in his/her classroom. Here is a F&Q that should be helpful.

A Note from Kate Riccardi, School Pictures Photographer: Hi, parents! Picture Days were a success! It was truly a pleasure to photograph each child and share a moment with each of them – both with the children who enthusiastically jumped in front of the lens and smiled and those who were a little more camera shy. (I did learn that I need to update my jokes!) I expect the portraits and class pictures to be available to order online by November 10. More information will follow at that time on the ordering process. A special thanks to all the parents who spent the long days with me making sure every child looked their most natural. A huge thanks to Gemina, who expertly arranged each day to make sure we got the job done and survived! 

Admission Info for Sibling Applicants.  Just a reminder that the admission season is under way for students entering in 2015-16.  If you have not yet applied but are planning to enroll, we encourage you to submit your application to get the process started. After we have received your application, we will call you to schedule a play day (for Preschool and Kindergarten) or a student visit (for grades 1 - 7 applicants).  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Brian Johnson at [email protected] for preschool through 3rd grade applicants, Ashley Opalka at [email protected] for 4th through 7th grade applicants, or Frances Hoover at [email protected] for financial aid.

Changes in Dismissal: To ensure safe dismissal of our students, dismissal changes must be received by the front office by noon. Too many calls are coming in right before - or even during! - dismissal, and front desk personnel are concerned that late changes might compromise the safe dismissal of the children.

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