October 31 Festivities

Today the Student Council hosted two events for children in grades 1-8 - one for Halloween celebrants and one for children who chose to take part in the Alternate Universe activity. Preschoolers and kindergarteners held their own festivities at Schwartz Siegel. Thanks to everyone who helped to make the events successful!

Thirty children, accompanied by four staff members, headed to the park, where they played Saturn Rings and took part in a cosmos scavenger hunt.  There was a lot of healthy competition, running, and laughter! Student Council co-president Mirsab led the activities.

Children came together for our Halloween assembly. Student Council took the lead emceeing the festivities, which included some holiday trivia, a dance party with Patrick, and displays of costumes by each grade. While some costumes were a bit scary, the event overall was fun and festive. (Check our photo galleries for more photos of the assembly taken by Kate Riccardi and Beth Lundy.)