New School Photographer

TPS parent Kate Riccardi will be taking individual and class School Photographs on Thursday, October 16 and Friday, October 17.

The photo sessions will take place in the Garage. Kate says,  "While the photos will still be studio-style portraits, the poses will be more spontaneous, and the shots taken with a hand-held camera for a more individual feel."

Instead of sending home packets containing photo proofs, Kate will post the photos online, and orders will be placed online.   

As Photo Days approach, Kate will provide recommendations for for what children should wear for their pictures.

Here is the schedule for all grades. (There may be some changes.) 

Thursday 10/16/14

8:45-9:15:  Kindergarten A

9:15-9:45:  Kindergarten B

9:45-10:30:  Primary A                         

10:30-11:15:  Primary B                           

11:15-12:00:  7th Grade

12:05-12:45:  8th Grade

1:05-1:45:  3A

2:00-2:30:  3B

Friday 10/17/14

8:45-9:15:   Preschool A

9:15-9:45:  Preschool B

9:45-10:30:   Primary C

10:30-11:15:   Primary D

11:15-12:00:  6th Grade

1:05-1:55:  JU C & D

2:00-2:45:  JU A & B