TPS Presents at PAIS

TPS faculty and staff are showcasing their talent at this Friday's PAIS Conference, where hundreds of Pennsylvania and Delaware educators will meet to share their work and learn from one another. Our presenters are

  • Jeffrey Mordan, who is facilitating "Creative Problem Solving" – how do you look at any given problem as an opportunity/challenge.
  • Noelle Kellich, who is presenting "More than a Single Story" – how our work with a "motley" group of 7th graders taught us how particular strategies can infuse a growth mindset, build a meaningful sense of belonging for students, and stretch them academically in rich and meaningful ways.
  • Betsy Neiva and Diane Pepe, who are presenting "Designing Creative & Enriching Auxiliary Programming" – what are the five simple steps to make after school programming more enriching and profitable.