TPS Happenings

Pumpkin Chunkin' Success!

On Sunday, November 2, dozens of pumpkins and other gourds dramatically made their way to the composting bid! The Student Council, for a small fee, allowed gourd toters to hammer, shot-put, or free throw their compostables into smithereens. Participants could also have their pumpkins transformed into "meteor showers" and dropped from the top of the Garage stairs. 

How Do We Get from Here to Ancient China?

With a time machine, of course. 

Junior Unit D students worked hard to wire the machine.  Inspired by Dr. Who, another group of students designed the power source.  Another group, concerned that our machine would be less than discrete in Ancient China, followed the Taoist vision of architecture that demanded that the roof be held up by pillars.  This led to the arched eaves you see on the outside of our time machine.  Our students worked together to create a vision, gather materials, problem solve, and engineer.  They are deservedly proud of their work, and so are we!


"Once upon a Friday late, while we toiled over text and date, came a performance of stunning breadth..." Seventh grade teacher David D'Altorio amazed Middle Schoolers with an unexpected end-of-day performance of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." Will the year's surprises ever stop? Nevermore!

Into the Woods

On Friday, kindergarten enjoyed a beautiful fall day in the woods.