Math in the Everyday

Here are some tips from Abby Gordon, math specialist, for finding the math in everyday experiences.

Fall is a wonderful season for finding the math in everyday activities. (Who am I kidding? EVERY season is great for that!) Here is a handful of ways to highlight the math inherent in the season.

Collect leaves...then categorize them, sort them, and graph them, as the girls’ math club did.

Estimate the fraction or percentage of leaves trees have lost. Compare your estimates to the real data.

Practice figuring out elapsed time by looking at the time the sun rises and sets each day. How many hours of daylight do we have right now? How many did we have last week?

Have your children help you with Thanksgiving preparations...Let them figure out the measurements for a recipe that needs to be doubled or tripled; have them set the timer for the turkey based on how many pounds it is (with your supervision, of course!); let them help you plan oven use based on cooking times.

There are countless ways to talk about the math in your everyday life...We’d love to hear about where you’ve found math!