TPS Happenings

Preschool Makers

How many preschoolers does it take to turn a furniture crate into a submarine? Well, all of them, of course!

Special Amigo

This week some of our preschool students had a special guest from Mexico for Spanish class. The children introduced themselves in Spanish and used common salutations. The preschoolers are learning about families, and our amigo shared about his while speaking in Español. He also taught them a new song, and the children sang other Spanish songs that they know. It was a fun morning on a cold day.

The Canadian Spies, Eh?

What do you get when you combine three guitars, three sets of drums, two violins, a piano, a flute, two ukeleles, and six singers? A rock band, of course! More specifically, the 7th grade geologic rock band, which has named itself (mysteriously) "The Canadian Spies, Eh?"

The rock band is a partnership between the music department and the 7th grade team. After studying geology over the course of the fall, the students rewrite a rock song of their choosing (this year it's "A Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles) with geologic lyrics. The "rock" version of the Beatles' classic is "A Hard Piece of Gneiss" (gneiss is a metamorphic rock; pronounced "nice"). This year the students have also incorporated some Spanish into their rewrite.

Students work in committees to pull the various pieces together--costumes, set design, lyrics, lighting, choreography, and music video. The rock band will have three performances in the Garage; please come celebrate The Canadian Spies, Eh?

  • Dress rehearsal: Monday, November 24, 1:30 p.m.
  • Performance 1: Tuesday, November 25, 9:15 p.m.
  • Performance 2: Tuesday, November 25, 10:15 p.m.

Kindergarten Bee Presentations, November 12

Our first project of the year concluded with our new bee experts presenting their research to their fellow classmates.  The students presented in all different ways, from dramatic representations, to posters, to books.  We were so proud of our students as they confidently and capably taught their newfound bee knowledge to each other! 

The Beauty of Mathematics

In a creative application of what they have learned about linear equations, compound inequalities, domain & range, and graphing on the coordinate plane, 8th grade mathematicians spent some time creating images using segments, curves and inequalities on google's graphing website, Take a look at some of the thoughtfully formatted equations and beautiful results!

First Snow at the Schuylkill Center

Kindergarten children were happy to find snow last Friday at our country classroom!