Day 1: Fall Mini-Courses

Mini-courses are one of the many hallmarks of a student's TPS middle school experience. For one week in late fall and one week in early spring, students in grades 6-8 break from the regular academic program and pursue topics of study that are new to them, that speak to a particular interest or passion, or that expand upon concepts and content introduced to them in coursework earlier in the year. Courses are taught by TPS teachers or "guest instructors" (primarily TPS parents and students).

Fall Mini-Courses are taking place this week. Here is what one 7th grader, Sophie B., said about the first day.

"On Monday, 11-17-2014, middle school students had their first day of fall mini-courses! Mini-courses historically were only in the spring, but I think they are a wonderful and exciting way to end the first few months of the school year.  I really enjoyed watching the students teach many of the courses, especially since a lot of them involved role play, like Hogwarts 101, the student-taught Harry Potter competition by Emory and Jane MacLaughlin. It has only been a day, and I can tell that this week will be one of the best! I’m very excited for mini-courses this year, and I am enjoying all the ones I have had so far."

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