Day 2: Mini-Course Highlights

Student blogger Sophie B. reports on her second day of mini-courses:

"Today I had the West Side Story mini-course, taught by music teacher Shannon Coulter. We started out watching the movie, and then at the very end we sang "America." It was so fun. This is one of my favorite mini-courses because I love West Side Story, and learning to sing the songs is actually a lot more fun than I expected. We are talking about characterization, and we are filling out a graphic organizer about all the main characters. I can’t wait to see what we will do next time! I really love all the mini-courses I was assigned to, especially this one. "

Here are some more of the day's activities.

In Dissection, students compared the external characteristics of a crayfish and a perch. (We will do the same for the frog and the rat later this week and then create a cladogram that indicates the evolutionary relationships among the four species.) Students then dissected perch, a bony fish that belongs to the Phylum Chordata and to the Class Osteichthyes. Highlights included working around the operculum, the bony plate covering the gills; removing the lens from the eyes; and seeing the membranous swim bladder that the fish uses to adjust its buoyancy in water. 

Students in the Ebola mini-course have been investigating the virus and how it spreads. During Tuesday's class, students tried on protective medical gear and learned about its functions.

Students are working out to different workout fads in various decades. Monday was Jazzercise with Richards Simmons, and Tuesday was Step Aerobics! We will move to the 2000s later in the week.

Oh, and then there was hip hop!