TPS Happenings

It's been another busy week at TPS. Here is a sampling of activities.

Rock Stars

The 7th grade geologic rock band - The Canadian  Spies, Eh? - performed "A Hard Piece of Gneiss" to the music of, you guessed it, the Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night." The performance is the culmination of a partnership between the music department and the 7th grade team. Students are challenged to take a popular rock song and use their recently acquired knowledge of geology to rewrite the lyrics.

New Digs

Some of the children decided they wanted to build their own kindergarten classroom to play in. A giant cardboard box quickly became our classroom complete with our circle rug, bathroom, loft and even a rest stop chair!

7th Grade Evening at Penn Museum

On Wednesday evening, November 19, eleven 7th graders headed over to the Penn Museum to attend a lecture called "The Colors of Human Skin" by Nina Jablonski, professor of anthropology at Penn State University. The talk, which was part of the Penn Humanities Forum, covered the evolution and diversity of skin tones since the earliest Homo sapiens, and ventured into the value systems that have been imposed on skin color over time. This "sepia rainbow" that characterizes the human species will be a focus of our spring unit on Genetics & Race. It was great to get a head-start on the conversations from a leader in the field!

Celebración del Dia de Acción de Gracias

We had a special guest in our Primary Unit Spanish class - Saleema's mom. 

Geometer Visits Junior Unit A

Fifth graders in Jill and Emily's class were treated to a special guest presentation from parent Andy Hicks. Andy explained some of his work as a geometer developing mathematical models used to create mirrors. Students enjoyed exploring the many unique demonstration mirrors Andy brought to share.

This was a captivating introduction to our upcoming geometry unit and a great example of the ways in which curiosity, careful questioning, and finding the opportunity in mistakes are all integral parts of science.  

Learning About Each Other

As part of our new kindergarten study about our class we took some time to learn more about each other. Each student picked a survey question and using our newfound knowledge of tally marks they recorded their answers. We learned that an "equal number of people like dogs than cats," "more students live in houses than apartments," "more people like Elsa than Anna in the movie Frozen," and "more people like ice cream than bananas!"

Abejas and Arañas

In the Early Childhood Education Center, Spanish is integrated throughout the day providing meaningful experiences to learn the language. While Kindergarten students explore the science of bees and spiders, they also learn about abejas and arañas – the Spanish translations of those words. They sing a Spanish song about an araña in morning circle and do abeja and araña-themed activities in movement class.