Day 3: Mini-Course Highlights

Seventh grade student blogger Sophie B. shares highlights from the third day of Middle School mini-courses.

"Today I had a double period of Shakespeare in Film taught by 8th grade teacher Emily Marston. Yesterday we had spent an hour watching and taking notes on The Tempest, and over the next two days we will spend three hours watching and taking notes on Much Ado About Nothing. There are so many good movies to watch and understand! Today we watched the Kenneth Branagh version of Much Ado. We had to answer several questions: 'What is the setting?' 'What cinematic effects are used?' 'How do these cinematic effects help convey foreshadowing or backstory?' 'Did this interpretation help enhance your understanding of the text?' I thought it was a very good movie, as well as another great day of the mini-course."

Philly Ghost Tours

Students in the Philly Ghost Tours mini-course have been reading famous ghost stories and spooky legends from Philadelphia. Today the group walked to Rittenhouse Square and read aloud spooky local tales.