Lasagna for 500+

Step One: Lots of chopping, cutting, and mixing. Under the director of lasagna chef extraordinaire Emily Marston, the 7th and 8th grade made more than 70 lasagnas for our All-School Thanksgiving Feast and for dinner at Trinity's WinterShelter.

Step Two: Lots of bowl and pot scrubbing . . . garlic simmering . . . and brownie baking (recipe modified from Anne Clark's original).

Step 3: More bowl and pot scrubbing. Adding the mozzarella and parmesan and layering the lasagna.

Thank you to the parents and teachers who helped make the lasagna. Special thanks to those of you who are baking the lasagnas at home and bringing them back for the feast tomorrow.

We also want to share the rest of the delicious menu: Kindergarten is making the salad; Primary Unit, the cornbread; 3rd-5th grades, the brownies; and 6th grade, the butter and gluten-free/dairy-free lasagna. Here are some of the choices the children and faculty have.