TPS Happenings

Sharing Traditions

Kindergarten has been studying how each person is unique, yet all human beings share some qualities. We have invited families in to share their traditions with the class. We are grateful to the many families who have joined us. We have learned about Chinese New Year, Hanukah, reading together before bed, Scottish culture, and drums from around the world, to name a few. This photo shows a child teaching other students how to write the Chinese horoscope.

Still Thinking Thanksgiving?

As is tradition, students in the After School Enrichment Program created the Thanksgiving Centerpieces for the All-School Feast.  Students painted the sparkling images, adhered the   glowing "star" lights, and constructed the lamps that represented the all school theme Cosmos.  


After the Thanksgiving Feast, the 6th grade took a brisk walk to the Fairmount Water Works. What better way to work off some of those holiday calories from the Feast! Students are studying water and the purification process in the past and present.

TPS Tradition of Book Buddies Continues!

Kindergarteners and their third-grade book buddies met and read their writing to one another!

Another Tradition: This Time for TPS Alumni 21+

Each year, TPS hosts a Happy Hour for Alumni 21+. It is always the day after Thanksgiving, and it always features a room full - this time at Ten Stone on South Street - of TPS alums, some going back to the class of 1984!  Turnout was fantastic this year, with more than 50 alumni in attendance - as well as some of their beloved teachers, including Dan Lai, Judith Parker, and Marco Velis.