Artist's Alley: Fall Show

The Artist’s Alley is a hallway space that has been set aside for the enrichment of our students. Our goal is to show the children that there are creative, passionate, and talented people all around them and that any pursuit of personal growth through learning, practice, and imagination is worthy of celebration. 

The current exhibition is a collection of works by TPS parents and close family members.  While several of the parents who submitted pieces are working artists who teach or exhibit professionally, others submitted images they made just for the joy of it. The range of materials and ideas is wide.  Here is a list of the exhibitors and a brief description of their pieces; we hope you will stop by to see the show.

Jennifer Coburn
(00X00 abstract painting)
Oil on Canvas

Virginia Friedman
(landscape with old house)
Oil on Canvas

Eugene Gualtieri
Graphite on Paper

Jenny Laden
Oil on Wood

Mary McManus
Ink on Paper

Aaron Picht
Painting Based on an African Wood Carving
Paint on Paper

John Schlesinger
Silver Gelatin Print
Unique Cast Bronze Frame Made by the Artist

John Stone
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Stained and Painted Wood, Brass and Colored Plaster

Sophie Sanders
Horn Torsos
Intaglio Print

Sophie Sanders
Water on the Brain
Laser Cut, Painted Wood

Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko
Spring Break
Inkjet Print

Mitchell Young
(Print From Tree Slab)
Ink on Paper