TPSA Green & Healthy Tip: Holiday Time

It's the time of year again when household waste increases. Help reduce waste by 

- Pre-cycling – think before you buy. Is the packaging recyclable? Is it something that can be purchased in bulk to reduce packaging? Is the item single-use or long-lived? Are you crafty? Try making gifts to give to friends and family. There are lots of amazing ideas on websites like Pinterest!

- Composting food scraps – Area composting businesses accept all fruits and vegetable scraps plus many more compostable items. Check the links in the resources below.

- Composting leaves – The City of Philadelphia will pick up leaves that are in biodegradable paper bags from now through December 19. Details about the leaf collection schedule can be found at

- Recycling your holiday tree – Last year, Philadelphia Christmas tree recycling program kept 55.5 tons of trees out of the landfill! Trees will be collected in areas throughout the city, and at Sanitation Convenience Centers during January. Here is the tree recycling schedule.  

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