Penn Partnership

The Philadelphia School is partnering with the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education for a full-day focused observation grounded around an essential question of our choosing. Our essential question relates to our school-wide focus this year: How does thematic teaching and learning engender, promote, and support a growth mindset?

During this academic year the Penn graduate students will visit five schools, chosen because each has a particular interest in strengthening an academic area, aspires to improve practice, and wants to remain a part of a larger professional network that is on the cutting edge of improving leadership practices. 

The Penn students use research-based techniques in observing, analyzing, and communicating about school practice. Their academic area of focus at TPS will be "social studies." Because we teach through the lens of theme or cultural studies, we expect that this focus will be a great platform for conversation between our faculty and our Penn partners.

We are excited to be partnering with Penn. In addition to receiving non-evaluative feedback from an external, impartial group, this initiative will complement the work we are doing to  

  • promote a process of inquiry
  • advance professional community collaborative efforts of the school to focus on an essential question
  • map our theme curricula
  • use data to inform goals/benchmarks in a content area 

The day-long observation will take place next Monday, December 8th.