Green & Healthy Tip

Did you know … what you recycle at home might be different than what your child(ren) can recycle at school? That's because different companies accept different materials.

If you live in Philadelphia, check out the list of accepted items on the Streets Department website for what should be put in your curbside recycling bin.

TPS recycling accepts:  glass, plastics #1-7, mixed paper (no tissues!), cardboard and paperboard, milk and juice boxes, metal containers, aluminum foil and pie pans. These items should be placed in the blue recycling .

You may have noticed that there are two other bins next to the recycling bin at TPS. Did you know that TPS also composts? Do you know which bin is the compost bin? Hint – it says COMPOST on it and has a light green biodegradable liner. Do you know what goes in the compost bin? The short answer is FOOD and FIBER. Here's a longer list of items that should be put in the compost bin:  paper plates, paper towels, napkins,  juice and coffee cups (but not the plastic lid, that goes in the recycling bin!), plant-based cutlery, and ALL food scraps including meat and dairy products.

You may be wondering what's left … LANDFILL. The smallest bin is the trash bin. Items put in this little black bin will be sent to the LANDFILL. So what might be in there:  yogurt tubes, string cheese wrappers, foil-lined food wrappers, anything with bodily fluids, and plastic bags (although these can easily be recycled at most grocery/drug stores!)

Resource Recovery can be tricky, and TPS is looking for ways to make it more user friendly. We all need to help each other out in order to remember what goes where as we strive to attain zero waste.