Zebrafish: Day 5

On Day 5, our last day of the zebrafish lab, students made final counts of their embryos and assessed phenotypes for signs of body stripes. (Those with body stripes are "wildtype," and those without are "nacre.") These final numbers will determine if students supported their hypotheses or not. Among the student groups, patterns began to emerge, as well, as we pooled our data for a larger test population. These final results, along with several student lab reports, will be shared next week. Over the weekend, students are working backwards from the phenotypes of their offspring to determine the genotypes of the parents.

Today we were also excited to use a microscope adaptation on the document camera to project images of the the larva on the SmartBoard in extreme detail. We could clearly see the hearts beating, as well as blood circulating through parts of the body in a way that we've never been privy to before. Wow!