8th Grade Science Symposium

The 8th grade Symposium on Sustainability was the culmination of the science unit on sustainability. Each student chose a topic about human impact and the environment that they were passionate about, researched 5 to 10 sources, and wrote a paper outlining the problems and solutions of their topic. Each student designed a service project directly related to their thesis, so that they could go out and do something about it!  All of this was then put together into a 10-minute presentation. 

Some project highlights include student-made films about sustainable energy, student-made batteries run by alternative sources, and games that simulated biking through the city or escaping the hazards that lead to animal endangerment. Service projects ranged from educating younger students about an issue, to picking up trash along the Schuylkill, to circulating petitions on energy usage to send to Mayor Nutter, to taking a zero-carbon challenge.