Welcome Back from Matt Eskin, Associate Head (grades 4-8)

Dear Junior Unit and Middle School Families,

Welcome back to the school year!!! I hope you’ve had an enjoyable summer. Some of you may be eager for school to begin again, while others may lament the loss of extra family time. Your child may be experiencing a wide range of emotions about the beginning of a new school year. Whatever you’re feeling or thinking right now, know that we are eager and excited to see you and your children again.

This summer was filled with noticeable upgrades to our physical plant, including the addition of a fourth classroom in our Junior Unit (grades 4 and 5) and several reconfigured rooms in the Middle School. While I have never been one to focus on aesthetics, these additions and upgrades are meant to enhance our learning space, meet the needs of a growing student body, and serve as the physical manifestation of a community steeped in reflection and improvement.

In addition to changes in the space, you’ll see both new faces and familiar faces in different places.

Our Junior Unit consists of four teams of two teachers each.

  • JU-A – Jill Garland and Emily Sparks
  • JU-B – Hilary Hamilton and Dan Lai
  • JU C – Laura Matheny and David Stills (new to TPS)
  • JU D – Kate Christiansen and Noelle Kellich (while new to the Junior Unit, Noelle has taught previously in our Middle School). Megan Soffin will be a full-time substitute and teach in JU-D while Kate is on maternity leave.

Our Middle School is made up of three grades, with three teachers/advisors for each grade.

  • 6th – Michael Friedman, Jess Ford, and Terry McGuire (new to TPS)
  • 7th – Steve Bartholomew, David D’Altorio (new to 7th grade), and Virginia Friedman
  • 8th – Wendy Furry, Emily Marston, and Ethan Tannen (new to TPS)

We want to especially welcome our teachers who are new to TPS. Justine, in her back-to-school letter, provided short bios of all new faculty and staff. In addition to the more formal information she has shared, I am excited that our new teachers’ interests and expertise include urban agriculture, step dancing, singing, civil rights advocacy, coaching volleyball and basketball, “DJing,” and running a shop on Etsy. We know these interests will enhance our entire community and positively impact the experience of all of our students.

Our first day of school is Wednesday, September 3.  It is a full day of school for 1st-8th graders.

On Wednesday morning a New Family Breakfast will be held in the Garage from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. If your child is new to TPS, we hope you will attend.

Drop-off for grades four through eight is business as usual. Early Risers is available starting at 7:30 a.m. Yard gates open at 8:00 a.m., and children head into their classrooms at 8:15 a.m. The teachers will greet your child in the yard and walk up to their classroom together at 8:15 a.m.

More detailed “back-to-school” information will be available next week, when we launch our brand-new school website.

Looking forward to seeing you all and your children soon!

[email protected]