All-School Weekly Note

Weekly notes:  This week, notes from teachers will be posted on the website. Our goal is to have all notes posted by 5 p.m. on Fridays. You might want to bookmark the Parent landing page of the site for easy access. And please be sure to check the blog regularly; that's where you'll find write-ups and photos of class activities. (Don't forget to subscribe to the blog.)

School Handbook: Please take the time to familiarize yourself (and your child) with the TPS Family Handbook. We hope it answers any questions you may have; if not, feel free to call the school office, and you and your questions will be directed to the right person.

Dismissal: Please make sure to submit the Permanent Dismissal Form no later than Monday morning, September 15. Also we ask that you please do not enter the school building at Lombard Street at dismissal time unless you need to speak to a receptionist. Your child will meet you in the school yard. Less activity in the office will help our receptionists focus on the safe dismissal of our children.

Morning Drop-Off Lanes: Please do not park in the drop-off lanes (the western curbside) on 25th Street; these lanes are reserved for families who are dropping off children and not getting out of the car. A staff person will help the children out of the cars. Please note that we will be enforcing this next week; please plan to park elsewhere if you intend to get out of the car with your child. For more information, refer to pages 9 and 10 of the TPS Family Handbook.

TPSA Tuesdays: For all TPSA-related information, check the blog and website every Tuesday for the "TPSA Tuesday" note.  This is where you will you will be notified of upcoming TPSA event - such as the TPSA Meeting in the Garage on Tuesday, September 16, 6-7:30 pm. 

Back-to-School Nights: Mark you calendars! This year we are having two Back-to-School Nights. The first is for parents of children in preschool through 3rd grade; it will take place on Tuesday, September 23, at 7 pm. The second is for parents of children in grades 4 through 8; it will take place on Wednesday, October 1, at 7 pm. Both evenings will begin with a TPSA-sponsored "Meet and Greet" for parents in the Garage; stop by anytime from 5:30 to 6:45 pm.

CLUBS UPDATE:  Clubs will begin next week (save for Drama with Liz Fredette, which will begin on October 2, and Actors' Workshop, which will begin on October 15).  Pick up for all clubs (save for ZoomDance) will be from the Front Office.  BIG NEWS:  We also will be offering an exciting new club during the fall term – FILMMAKING with TPS alum/documentary filmmaker Davey Field.  The club will meet on Mondays beginning on September 22.  For more information, please contact Betsy Neiva at [email protected].

Community Announcement: There will be a Block Party/Wellness Festival on Saturday, September 13, from noon to 5 p.m. Sponsored by our neighbors, the New Central Baptist Church, the festival will feature lots of family-centered activities to promote wellness and healthy eating. TPS's own Brian Jordan will be leading a meditation class! Stop by - Lombard Street will be closed off from 21st to 22nd Street.

Google Calendar: Here's the link.

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday.