What's New in Classroom Technology

This year, several classes are experimenting with a new 1-to-1 laptop program. In recent years, our student-to-computer ratio at TPS has been two to one in grades 1 to 8.

This year, in 7th and 8th grades, each student has a dedicated MacBook Air for his or her own use in school. This allows for easy and immediate integration in any subject. In 6th grade we are using both Chromebooks and MacBooks.

Junior Unit C and Junior Unit D are piloting the Chromebook program, with each student in these classrooms now having his or her own dedicated Chromebook for school use.

Chromebooks connect students to the Google Apps for Education suite of tools (which are now the core student creation and collaboration tech tools in grades 4 through 8). Significantly less expensive than MacBooks, they have allowed the school to double its computer inventory in the Junior Unit and Middle School without increasing our budget allocation for laptops. 

How will these pilot programs play out?  We will be checking in with students and teachers throughout the school year not only to see how the 1-to-1 program is going but also to evaluate the experience of using Chromebooks.


How did our infrastructure have to change to support this level of computer growth? Stay tuned for more tech info.”