Preschool Highlights

The preschool spent time with “Grandmother Tree” in Meg’s movement class.  Be sure to ask your child to tell you about this very unusual grandmother, who, we were delighted to learn, brought us a present on Thursday morning.  The present?  A brightly colored parachute for us to explore with Meg! 


We introduced the preschoolers to a "teacher-favorite" book this week: The Colors of Us by Karen Katz.  The book became a springboard to conversations about skin color, hair color, and eye color.  After many conversations and many glances in the mirror, the children created self-portraits. They also rolled up their shirt sleeves to compare their very own “colors of us.”  This work is an introduction to the preschool’s overarching theme, “Ourselves and Our Families,” which we will explore during the first few months of the preschool year.