Time Capsule 1976

In November 1976, The Philadelphia School celebrated its move from a few rented rooms at Rodeph Shalom synagogue on Broad Street to its new home at 2501 Lombard Street. To celebrate this major milestone in the school's young, four-year-old history, a time capsule was created, not to be opened until the school's 25th birthday.

Recently some early TPSers began a Facebook conversation about the letters they had written and placed in the time capsule back in the day. We've been having a lot of fun finding their letters and sending them out.  Here are some reactions to receiving their time capsule letters after 38 years: 

  • "This is it! This is fantastic!!!! Thank you!" (Jake Tapper)
  • "Thanks so much!!!! I wish we could all get together – that would be fantastic; we were all so close!!" (Jennifer Simons)
  • "So great!  I have been saying for years that I never learned cursive!  [The card was written in beautiful cursive.] Thank you!"  (Liz Berman)
  • Thank you! I actually remember that I wrote about the farm. Guess I remembered having better writing abilities than I actually had as it seems a teacher wrote mine. Thanks!" (Kathyanne Cohen)