In Service of Others

This morning, two dozen Middle School families rolled up their sleeves and made more than 600 hearty sandwiches (some were vegetarian, and some were gluten-free!) for delivery to seven Philadelphia shelters, including Canton Village, Chosen 300, Mercy Hospice, My Brother's House, the Lutheran Settlement House, Trevor's Place, and The Veteran's Group. It was great to be joined by a several alumni, including Isaiah Ritchie, Claire Saint-Amour, Lucia Tepper, and Alice LaBan. Accompanying the sandwiches were an equal number of tasty desserts, made by more than 40 Primary, 3rd grade, and Junior Unit families. Thank you to Lavonia Waddington for organizing this year's initiative and to Michelle Niedermeier, who made sure we recycled and composted properly!

In the afternoon, several TPS families and faculty took part in the MLK Day March for Justice, Jobs and Education. Said parent Jill Maderer, "It was a really positive experience for my kids and for me. We talked about justice, skin color, and how marching can make a difference. It was so cool to connect these things to our TPS experience just by virtue of seeing community members present! 

Tomorrow, preschool and kindergarten families will be dropping off emergency breakfast packets, to be distributed to school nurses, who give them out to students who arrive at school hungry.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our school's MLK, Jr. Day of Service activities.