Chemistry and Cooking

Shanna Caster, until recently Shanna Pokras, graduated from TPS in 2002. After attending Central High School, she went to Penn State, where she studied chemistry and met her husband, CT.

Shanna works at the Franklin Institute as the Museum Programs Supervisor, and CT is a chef. They recently banded together to start a personal chef company - called Thyme Bandit - to meet the needs of busy working families for whom the answer to the question "What's for dinner?" can be much more complicated than it once was.

Says Shanna, "CT is an excellent cook with great passion and creativity, but I have the organizational skills that only a TPS grad could boast. So far we’ve done a few home-prepped meals for families, several knife-skills lessons, and a series of wonderful dinner parties, the largest of which was for a TPS faculty member! So if you’d like, we would love to spend our time together helping your family spend a relaxed dinnertime together."