A Day at the Museum

The Franklin Institute was filled with more than 400 TPS students and faculty members today! Every child in kindergarten through 8th grade headed off to the museum this morning to see a show at the Fels Planetarium and to visit several exhibits. Today's trip was inspired by our all-school theme - Cosmos. Here are some of the day's activities.

Kindergarten students prepared to float in space as astronauts, and they built Mars rovers.

At the Franklin Air Show, Primary Unit students had the opportunity to review all they learned earlier this year in the classroom and at the Schuylkill Center about the properties of air.

Students visited some exhibits with children in different grades. Here Primary Unit students helped 8th graders explore the conductivity of electricity. (We also learned that 8th graders liked "shocking" each other as much as their younger schoolmates did.) 

A wonderful addition to our trip was meeting up with alumna Shanna Pokras Caster '02, who is on staff at the Franklin Institute. She arranged staffing of the Observatory, which was opened today especially for our students.