Indigo Harvest

It was harvest time in the TPS Garden. But the crop didn't consist of vegetables. It was indigo, grown from seeds art teacher Catherine Bogart-Rome purchased online from a small indigo farm. 

The third grade is studying seeds and plants this fall so the art department decided that it would be a nice connection if the students used indigo leaves to dye cloth. Catherine and fellow art teacher Rick Jacobsen harvested the indigo and brought it over to the Lombard Street building. A dye bath was made using the fresh leaves, water, and little vinegar. 

The third graders prepared pieces of silk for dying using simple shibori resist techniques to make patterns. They wrapped glass globs into the silk with rubber bands or folded and clamped it with clothespins or binder clips. 

The prepared fabric was soaked in water, excess water was squeezed out, and then the piece was submerged in the dye bath. The white silk turned green first and then gradually a sky blue.