Alums Talk High School

Each fall we invite alums currently in high school back to TPS to talk to 8th grade families about their experiences "beyond TPS." Ten alumni answered questions about their academic and social transition to high school, their current work load, and how they balance academics and extracurriculars. They also spoke about upcoming school projects and other activities that they are looking forward to this year; these included playing in an upcoming soccer championship, taking a film history class, serving as the editor of the school literary magazine, traveling to Peru, organizing a travel abroad program, and performing in A Midsummer Night's Dream (for the second time - the previous time was at TPS!). 

Our alums gave students wise advice, based on their own experiences, on how to choose a high school. The schools represented by our alums were the Academy at Palumbo, Baldwin School, CAPA (Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts), Central High School, Friends' Central School, Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Friends Select School, Peddie School, Science Leadership Academy, and Springside Chestnut Hill School.

We are so appreciative that our alumni generously shared their time on a Monday evening to help their former schoolmates during the high school selection process. Thanks also to the alums who have come to TPS with their schools' admission teams and to other alums who have volunteered to stop by on their own and talk to the 8th grade about their high school experiences.