Ourselves and Our Families

As we continue our preschool study of Ourselves and Our Families, this week the Explorers and Trailblazers read the story My Head is Full Of…. by Catherine Friend. We talked about what it means to have things “on your mind,” and the children drew self-portraits with thought bubbles full of ideas. They are hanging in the front hallway – come and have a look!  

Meanwhile, the Adventurers and Wonderers enjoyed listening to The Best Part of Me, a collection of photo essays by Wendy Ewald. In addition to its beautiful photographs, the book features the writing of young children as they share their thoughts about their hair, their eyes, their skin – or whatever they consider the "best part of them."’ We interviewed children about their own "best parts" and photographed them as well. We look forward to creating our own preschool “Best Part of Me” book!