The Plantain Chips: Video Soon

It was performance day for The Plantain Chips, the 7th grade's Rock Band!

Replacing the lyrics of Stevie Wonder's "Sir Duke" with geologic lyrics, the Class of 2017 demonstrated all that they learned about the rock cycle and the various ways that rocks change over time.

Here are a few lines from "Sir Mohs":

Rocks are fascinating to study,
we've been learning 'bout them for ten weeks.
But here are some of the field's pioneers
that time has lithified in hist'ry
For there's Hess and Mohs and Wegener
and these are just a few
cause without these famous geologists
We wouldn't have a clue

Congrats to our performers, as well as to their classroom teachers – Virginia Friedman, David D'Altorio, and Steve Bartholomew – and to their music teachers Donna Bostock and Aaron Picht. Special thanks to mystery artists on trumpet – Mike Friedman (6th grade teacher) and Ethan Tannen (8th grade teacher). 

Stay tuned for the release of the video! (Thank you, Doug Cooper and Beth Lundy for sharing your photos.)