Helping Hands Food Drive

by Amory P., Student Council Secretary

This winter, the TPS Student Council is running a Helping Hands food drive to donate to nearby food pantries.

Over a quarter of Philadelphia’s population live in poverty, and empty cupboards are common. Our food drive will make a great impact on local families that need help, so kids can come home to something delicious in their pantry.

Bins will be placed in every classroom to collect the food, and a chart in the lobby will show which classroom is collecting the most items! All food items placed in the bins should be non-perishable (foods that don’t need to be kept in the fridge), pork-free, relatively healthy, and delicious!

The donated foods should be something that your kids would want to eat, so plan a trip to the store and pick out your child’s favorite non-perishable foods! Some great examples are granola bars, canned tuna, and boxed noodles.

The food drive will go on until January 15, so start filling up those bins! The classroom with the most items at the end of the drive gets the best prize….. bragging rights!