Operation Red Pandas: TPS & The Philadelphia Zoo

An Important Message From the Class of 2016!

The 8th grade is excited to share that we have recently launched our Operation Red Panda project to reduce junk mail and save the Red Pandas! We are partnering with the Philadelphia Zoo to join the movement to save those 100 million trees cut down every year just to make annoying junk mail that we all despise!

Here’s the truth about your junk mail:

  • Our trees are natural carbon sinks (they absorb excess carbon dioxide in the air), so when they are cut down to make junk mail, it contributes to global warming.
  • Around 28 million gallons of water are wasted producing junk mail.
  • You receive an average of 41 POUNDS of junk mail a year, and around 44% goes to the landfill unopened.
  • The paper industry is the third largest industrial greenhouse-gas emitter.
  • With trees constantly being cut down in the Red Panda’s habitat, these cute guys are vulnerable to extinction!
  • And finally……. You waste on average 70 HOURS A YEAR DEALING WITH JUNK MAIL. (source: 41pounds.org)

 With just a couple easy clicks and taps of your keyboard, you can delist from the list that gives companies your address. You will feel so good when you get to get some of your life back while saving our planet.

Just follow these easy steps to save the Red Pandas and the Earth:

  • Go to our website  www.redpandatps.org for a more in-depth explanation about our project (if you aren’t already convinced!)
  • Once on the site, click on the “De-List” page on our site.
  • Now go and save the planet! Also, don’t remember to carefully type “The Philadelphia School” in the school name slot on the form.

Thanks for all of your support!

The 8th Grade (and the Red Pandas!)