From Books to Beards

The Student Council ended its Book Drive today. Thank you to everyone who donated so many beautiful children's books to the drive. We received hundreds of books, which were sent to Mighty Writers, to some of the shelters we served on Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service, and to a Philadelphia public school classroom in which one of our alumni, Dara Fleishman '98, teaches. The remaining books will go to a few other social service agencies. Much thanks to Brian Parkhill, who did most of the book deliveries, and to the Student Council parents who helped out as well.

Here is a note from Mighty Writers: "Your generous donations sparked a frenzy of celebration and spontaneous reading in our after school program, not to mention being the first books to disappear from our street library. We wanted you to know how much of an immediate impact your thoughtful gift had in our community. Nothing more satisfying than putting a book into the hands of anyone in need of a good story."

For the next five weeks, the Student Council is sponsoring its first "internal" fund raiser in support of the purchase of something for the school - a 3D Printer. The fund raiser, called "Design a Beard," was introduced as the final act of today's Student Council Talent Show. Several teachers have volunteered NOT to shave until March 20, when one of three different facial hair styles – an anchor beard, muttonchops, or a fu manchu – will be chosen for them. For a $1 donation, contributors will determine the winning design among the three! Local barbers will have the honor of "designing the beards." More details to come next week!

Upcoming Student Council initiatives for outside causes will be an Earth Day celebration in support of local environmental causes and a collection of Boxtops for Education in support of Philadelphia public schools.