Welcome Back, Connie

"Is that Connie?"

That question was blurted out by many of us at TPS when we first spotted the very familiar face of Connie Rea over in the Schwartz Siegel building last week.

Connie, who retired in June 2013 after more that 20 years teaching at The Philadelphia School, has decided to sign on as a substitute teacher, and we couldn't be more delighted!   Primarily a kindergarten and preschool teacher, Connie spent time as a member of the Art Department.

Connie recently launched a business, Twice as Nice Productions, that grew out of her creative spirit and her experiences working with young children. Connie takes children’s artwork and turns it into into huggable plush dolls that have way more staying power than paper attached to the refrigerator or taped to a wall.

Projects take about one to two weeks and cost between $60 and $150, including postage. Interested?  Scan or photograph your child’s art work and email it to [email protected] You can also photocopy the art work and mail it to the address provided on the Twice as Nice website.