Mathcounts News

We wanted to share the exciting news from the Mathcounts competition this weekend. The TPS team placed second in the city. In the individual competition, with more than 80 competitors, Anthony Moore placed 4th, and Jake Russo placed 6th. Anthony will advance to the state competition in Harrisburg. The rest of our students did very well – our school average was 3 points higher than the competition average. 

As many of you know, our longtime Mathcounts "friendly rival" has been Masterman, coached by former TPS middle school teacher Chris Taranta. Actually, we could hardly call them a rival, since they always win and usually by a landslide. This year our four-person team actually TIED with Masterman during the team round! Masterman ended up winning the competition by a mere 2 points after individual scores were factored in.

Congratulations to our entire team – Anthony Moore, Jake Russo, Jamieson Wade, Max Kugelmeier, Lucas Schlesinger, Amory Park, Jillian Yum, Ellie Lipson, Ian Baime, and Dominique Regli. (Mathcounts club member Immanuel Mykyta-Chomsky should have been at the competition but kindly offered not go this year so that someone else could have a chance to go (teams were limited to 10 students). 

Special congratulations to our Mathcounts coach, Abby Gordon.