Neighborhood Partnership: Film Screening

We are excited to announce an upcoming event that we are co-sponsoring with the New Central Baptist Church, a church on Lombard and 21st Street.

What: A Free Screening of the film Fed Up
Where: New Central Baptist Church, 2139 Lombard Street
When: Sunday, March 22, 2-4pm

How this came about:

This year New Central Baptist Church is focusing on a wellness agenda. In the summer, the church asked TPS to play a role in its inaugural Wellness Festival, which took place in September and drew participation and support from a wide variety of neighborhood businesses and organizations.

Since that time we have met with the parishioner who is spearheading the wellness initiative and with the pastor, and we have decided to partner in the screening of the highly regarded documentary film Fed Up. Produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David, the film focuses on the role of dietary sugar in increasing risks of obesity, diabetes, and associated ill-health outcomes, particularly in children.

We are happy to be a part of an initiative that is dealing with an issue about which we care so deeply. In addition, we are looking forward to getting better acquainted with a TPS “neighbor,” whose building is one many of us have passed by almost daily.

New Central is hosting the screening and providing healthy snacks; we are providing the “technological resources” needed to show the film. We are hoping that some of our 7th graders, who have been studying sugar as a “seed of change” will attend and introduce the film.

We are excited to be able to come together with our neighbors to learn about what we can do about changing the American “food” landscape and to support their effort in reaching out to our school. They are very kind to host the event.

If you are bringing your family, please note that the movie is probably best for children aged 11 and up. Please rsvp below by March 11.