Beards Are Growing

We are entering our last week of beard growing at TPS!

As we mentioned in an earlier post, several of our TPS faculty and staff members are growing beards (or growing their existing beards longer) as part of a new Student Council fund-raising initiative.

While most of the council's fund raisers are in support of causes beyond the school community, this one-month initiative - "Design a Beard" - seeks to raise funds for the purchase of a 3D printer for the school.

Canisters - each one representing a different style of facial hair – muttonchops, an anchor beard, a horseshoe mustache, and an "anything goes beard" - have been set out in the front office during pick up and drop off. (They will be displayed on the school store cart on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.) The canister that receives the most donations (suggested donation is $1) will represent the facial hair style that our participants will receive at the Barber on 24th at 2401 Lombard Street on March 19; special thanks to the Barber on 24th for generously supporting our students' efforts.

Here is how everyone is looking nearly a month after the fund raiser began. Participants are Ben Warrington, Brian Harrity, Ethan Tannen, David D'Altorio, Jim Bumbulsky, Jonah Patten, Matt Eskin, Michael Friedman, Mike Bonitatibus, and Terry Maguire.