Seeds of Change @ the UN

On Thursday evening, 7th graders presented their Seeds of Change projects to parents and faculty. For this culminating event, the students chose to use the United Nations for inspiration. Because the Seeds of Change (the horse, disease, corn, sugar, and potato) are objects that have changed the course of history, the UN was a fitting theme to place their projects on a "global" stage.

Students created projects that extended from their research papers; some defended additional objects, such as tobacco and the Internet, as modern Seeds of Change. Each presentation was designed to advocate that the UN take some kind of action based on their topic. Visitors' experiences began in the General Assembly with an introduction to the event, and then extended into four branches of the UN – the Secretariat, International Court of Justice, Security Council, and Economic and Social Council – where students advocated for their proposed UN initiatives.

What exactly is a seed of change?  It is an object that alters the course of history. Some students did research on one of the five seeds of change (sugar, corn, the horse, the potato, and infectious disease) they studied in cultural studies class, while others explored additional topics which they believe have changed or will change the course of history in the 21st Century and beyond.