Green & Healthy Tip of the Week – Let's Talk Trash

Green & Healthy Tip of the Week – Let's Talk Trash - TRASH!

Have you noticed some new resource recovery bins around TPS? There is a green one for compost, a blue one for recycling, and a black one for trash/landfill.  TPS has made a commitment to work towards zero waste. That means zero trash! To aid in this effort, ALL members of the TPS community are being asked to think before they purchase items to ensure that any packaging or left-over's are compostable or recyclable. Did you know that most of TPS's non-recyclable and non-compostable waste comes from lunches? Please use reusable food and beverage containers to help us achieve zero waste!

Today's Trash Talk will focus on TRASH! Do you know what goes into the black trash bin?

  • String cheese wrappers
  • Squeezable yogurt tubes and drinkable yogurt bags
  • Juice bags (e.g., Capri Sun)
  • Gum
  • Foil-lined food wrappers (e.g., gummy fruit snacks and fruit roll-ups)
  • Dirty tissues and any material with bodily fluids
  • Sandwich and snack plastic bags, and other plastic bags (HOWEVER, please feel inspired reuse these bags or take them to a local grocery or pharmacy store for recycling!)

Still unsure? Look at the sign over each bin, or watch the plasma for some tips. If you are really stumped, ask a member of the TPSA Green & Healthy Team or the Green & Healthy Student Ambassadors. And if you still have questions, be sure to read the weekly green & healthy tip for more information!

If you need to purchase reusable food and beverage containers, here are some good resources: