Relativity, Hip Hop, Coding, & More

Middle School spring mini-courses arrive this month (a week before it's actually spring - maybe it will encourage the arrival of springlike weather!).

During the week of March 16, the Middle School is tossing aside its usual curriculum and replacing it with a wide selection of courses. One student might choose to take Einstein's Relativity, the Roots of Hip Hop, Coding, Juggling, and Broadway Basics. Another might opt for Space in Poetry and the Arts, Case Studies in Public Health, the TPS Survival Book, Video & Audio Recording, and Handball. There are dozens of courses to choose from. 

Mini-courses are one of the many hallmarks of a student's TPS middle school experience. For one week in the fall and one week in the spring, students in grades 6-8 break from the regular academic program and pursue topics of study that are new to them, that speak to a particular interest or passion, or that expand upon concepts and content introduced to them in coursework earlier in the year. Several this spring relate to the all-school Cosmos theme. Courses are taught by TPS teachers or "guest instructors" (primarily TPS parents and students).