The Earth's Beauty

The poem below, written by a third grader, captures the spirit of Earth Day. Enjoy!

"The Earth’s Beauty"
 by Devin G.

When I take a hike
I feel the wind blowing in my face.
I hear birds chirping.
I hear chipmunks scuttling around
on the ground.
I see the trees swaying in the breeze
like dancers at a festival.
I take off my shoes and walk
on the rich, green grass.
It feels cool and moist under my feet.
I smell clean air.
I hear running water.
I feel relaxed.
I feel what nature is about.
I feel it taking all my anger, fear
and confusion out of me.
I don’t feel alone.
I feel nature.
I see nature.
I am nature.
Nature is beautiful.
Nature is what made the Earth.
Nature is pulling me,
Making me stay put.
But wherever I go
I will always be with nature.
Nature is mesmerizing.
That is nature.