Annual Fund Update!

Thank you to all of the parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends who have contributed to our annual campaign for The Philadelphia School Fund!

April results are in. Your support for Come and Give it, our celebration of philanthropy at TPS on March 26 and 27, pushed us from 46% to 61% family participation!  And just as exciting, that represents 43 gifts in just a few days.  Thank you!


If you weren’t able to make it during Come and Give it, please consider showing your support for our school and our teachers by making a gift today.  Together as a school we are at 62%.  Last year we had a record 90% - let’s hit 100% this year! 

Why are we always talking about participation? 

  • You participation demonstrates to faculty and staff how much we value their work (Did you know that faculty and staff themselves contribute to the Fund, and they have achieved 99% participation over the past two years? )
  • Your participation conveys your confidence in the mission of TPS and that you believe it’s the best place for your child to learn 
  • Your participation sets a precedent for other grades – the support of all of our families is a testament to the education your child has received and the people they’re becoming.

We hope everyone will make a gift -- of any size-- to the fund today to support our amazing school.  All kinds of families participate in the TPS Fund:  one-child families; families with four or more children; families who receive financial aid; families who pay full tuition; families whose kids have been at TPS since preschool; families who joined the TPS community last year; single parent families; families whose parents work at TPS; and more. 

Please join us. Make your gift to The Philadelphia School Fund today.